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If you live in Leiden or around leiden take advantage of Taxi Centrale Leiden with the excellent service and very low price for a cab. We guarantee you the best service in Leiden, with very high quality.

The best service in and around Leiden

We guarantee the best service for the lowest price.The reliability and the professionalism of our chauffeurs are top priority for us.Please contact Taxi Centrale Leiden for more information about the costs of your trip.

Schiphol fare for individuals as of 1 November 2015

Place name1 up to 4 persons5 up to 8 persons
Leiden                                      € 43€ 48
Leiderdorp€ 43€ 48
Oegstgeest€ 43€ 48
Warmond€ 43€ 48
Sassenheim€ 43€ 48
Voorhout€ 48€ 53
Rijnsburg€ 48€ 53
Zoeterwoude€ 48€ 53
Voorschoten€ 48€ 53
Valkenburg€ 48€ 53
Lisse€ 48€ 53
Katwijk€ 53€ 58
Noordwijk€ 53€ 58
Noordwijkerhout€ 53€ 58
Koudekerk€ 55€ 65
Hazerswoude€ 55€ 65
Wassenaar€ 50€ 60
Wassenaar-Zuid€ 60€ 70
Leidschendam€ 65€ 75
Den Haag€ 75€ 85

To ensure the prices on the price list please reserve at least 12 hours before your departure in advance.

For the trips 1 person one way we charge €2,5 more.

The following conditions will be added to the price of the trip in the calculator
1. From monday till friday between 7:15 AM and 9:15 AM there is an €7,00 addition to the price due to possible traffic restraints.
2. From monday till friday between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM there is an €7,00 addition to the price due to possible traffic restraints.
3. Child safety seats are available for €7,50 per trip.
4. For every extra address an additional €5,00 will be accounted and for every extra Kilometer an additional €2,00 will be accounted

City Fare

FromTo1 up to 4 persons5 up to 8 persons
Regio Leiden
Amsterdam€ 80€ 90
Regio LeidenDen Haag€ 45€ 55
Regio LeidenRotterdam€ 80€ 90
Regio LeidenUtrecht€ 90€ 100

to ensure the prices on the price list, reserve please at least 2 hours before your departure in advance

All prices include the 6% sales tax.

Waiting fee Taxidriver

The taxidriver can start a waiting fee if this has been discussed beforehand. The waiting fee is for example: if the driver has to wait for the passenger if his or her meeting is exceeding the reservation time that he or she reserved the taxi. Then the passenger will have to pay €40,65 for every exceeding hour this driver has to wait.

Meter fare:

Various form of TransportationMaximum starter feeMaximum kilometer feeMaximum time fee (per minute)
Regular transport (maximum 4 persons)€ 2,95€ 2,17€ 0,36
Van (5 up to 8 persons)€ 6,00€ 2,73€ 0,41

Example formula of a trip

For example you are making a trip of 7 kilometers that is taking 15 minutes to get to end destination. If the taxidriver would have to implement the maximum number fee for your trip, the price that you would have to pay will be:

Starter fee = €2,95
Kilometer Fee = 7 x €2,17 = €15,19
Time Fee (per minute) = 15 x €0,36 = €5,40
That would bring the total price of the trip to €23,54.

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